Buč Kesidi ‎– Euforija

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Kontra Rights ‎– CD056, Ammonite Records ‎– CD056
Electronic, Rock
Alternative Rock, Indie Rock, Electro

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1 Subota 2:58
2 Laž 2:57
3 Đuskanje Ne Pomaže 2:59
4 Euforija 2:53
5 Nema Ljubavi U Klubu 3:51
6 Idemo Do Hodnika 2:19
7 Kasno Je 2:40
8 TIHO 3:19
9 Tone Grad 0:53
10 Nedelja Ujutru 3:33

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Kurirska služba - Post Express http://www.postexpress.rs/struktura/lat/cenovnik/cenovnik-unutrasnji-saobracaj.asp Lokalno preuzimanje - Admirala Geprata 14


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Vraćanje i zamena

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During decade and a half of its vibrant existance, Ammonite Records, as a part of Ammonite company, have framed and even defined the essence of free-wheeling rock, reggae, electronic, jazz and all other mutations of urban sound Balkans has to offer. If you switch on the local charts, you can be sure that a significant part of it is released by Ammonite. If you read any domestic or foreign article about best regional music, you will surely stumble upon the name „Ammonite“ in the brackets.

With a logo made of a „snail“ – well, in fact a representing fossilized creature from many millions years ago, or rather a form depicting a Fibonacci spiral in which all nature exists, from a microorganism to a galaxy – Ammonite is a creation of a musical enthousiast Dejan Bošković, a MSc in geology and respectable DJ as well. Dejan decided, and remains stubborn, to force the world to listen to his choice of good music. Thanks to his hard headedness, several tens of great albums came to light, or in recent times, to cyberspace chambers where music lovers gather.

Dejan and his team are to blame for a torrent of groovy sounds and videos each year. Formats are rapidly changing, from vinyls to CD and tape, back to vinyl and into the digital distribution, the passion remains the same. Ammonite is growing and developing, building its own studio and video production, working on its internet TV and radio, daydreaming about its own festival…

Ammonite is the appointed representative of Phonofile for Serbia and Balkan region, and a proper partner for likeminded artists and labels from all over the globe.

Besides music, Ammonite is active in book publishing as well. Feed your mind with Ammonite and worry not.

Svi proizvodi prodavca: Ammonite


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